Training & Support

Training & support isn’t temporary; it’s on-going and permanent.

Hosted Training

Two days of in-person training hosted at our corporate office in Tampa, FL

Exclusive Territory

A protected, exclusive territory owned and operated by only you

Important Procedures

Important techniques and procedures to help you maximize profitability for each sport you offer

Dedicated Support

Dedicated help and support to assist you in every step from launching your first league to maintaining several venues in your area

Gameplan & Analysis

A structured gameplan and market analysis based on your goals for growing your business

In-House Advertising

A state of the art, in-house advertising team that will customize and create your marketing materials


25 years experience operating over 750 home based business franchises in North America

Customizable Website

A customizable website to help manage and organize your business

On-Going Analysis

On-going analysis of the growth of your business and of your local market.